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Introduction; how to do this, dear?

To do this, easy peasy, just follow me. (Me in this case refers to the instructions).

1. Choose a recipe

2. Make the recipe

3. Take a picture of the finished product

4. Post a post about it.

NOTICE: this idea is inspired by the Vlogbrothers;, who make Vlogs for/from brother to brother ­čÖé Also, I get week A’s and you get week B’s. (or vice-versa) So you only have to post something every two weeks.

YAYS? or nays?: I would go for YAYS!

Sincerely, Luce.


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Introduction; why do this, dear?

Two girls who are forced to separate but share a passion… for food. So to keep their other passion going, that would be their profound love for each other, they have decided to send each other web-letters or “couriels” consisting of attempted recipes on a weekly basis.

Dear Clara, let the cooking begin!

Your most cherished Luce.

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